Liquid Luck
Illustrative packaging and branding for a fictional soda brand.
Flower Power Honey
Illustrative packaging and branding for a fictional honey brand.
Van Gogh Museum
Illustration for the announcement of the Sunflower Art Festival to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
In Da Soup
Illustrative packaging and branding for a fictional soup brand. In Da Soup refers to a Dutch saying when something goes wrong (in de soep lopen). Hence the stumbling characters and the uplifting slogan: Everyone falls down. Only the best get back up.
Shining a light on a cool brand named Herbivore. It’s my teeny tiny way of putting awareness out there concerning brands that are cruelty free instead of using animal testing.
A personal twist on Levi's advertising.
Provincie Limburg
Illustrative posterdesign to introduce the different innovations in the province of Limburg. They were handed out on Prinsjesdag (Budgetday) to all members of Parlement living in Limburg.
Rabbit hole
Giving a personal spin on a fictional festival.
Het grote Hoe Ik Werk boek
Illustrative bookdesign about the function of our brains.
Provincie Limburg
13 mythical animals to enhance the Culture Policy Program of Province of Limburg.
Alphabet of movies
Self initiated project.
Illustrative identity for Niekée, a pre-vocational secondary education where pupils can choose from four profiles (technic, mediadesign, care, catering). Each profile is visualised through a character that is a metaphor for the profile: dog, dragon, snake and bird.
Self initiated.
How I became a 3-headed dog
A six steps story.
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